Why Delegate to Us?

7% Commission Rate

Our lower commission rate ensures that our delegators reap most of the network’s inflation while allowing us to focus on long-term growth.

Privacy Focused Architecture

We control our geographically distributed architecture from our own Datacentre and only make use of private hardware to maximise privacy and security.

PANIC Alerter

We have built and open-sourced the PANIC alerter, our own Cosmos Hub alerting tool, enabling us to identify and rectify any irregular activity as early as possible.

Experienced Team

We are a team of 24/7 on-call infrastructure and blockchain engineers, living minutes away from our Datacentre and ready to handle and rectify any situation.

How to Delegate

First, you need to make sure you have the following:
  1. Simply VC Validator Address: cosmosvaloper124maqmcqv8tquy764ktz7cu0gxnzfw54n3vww8.
  2. The amount you wish to stake in μATOM. This will be denoted as <stake_amount_uAtom>.
  3. The gas price you wish to pay in μATOM. This will be denoted as <gas_price_uAtom>.
  4. Your delegator key name. A list of your keys can be obtained by running gaiacli keys list. This will be denoted as <delegator_key_name>.
The gaiacli command to delegate to us is:
gaiacli tx staking delegate cosmosvaloper124maqmcqv8tquy764ktz7cu0gxnzfw54n3vww8 <stake_amount_uAtom>uatom --from <delegator_key_name> --gas auto --gas-prices <gas_price_uAtom>uatom

Delegation Command Generator

Alternatively, enter the required details below to get the command generated for you: