Our Services


We Take Security Seriously

We run our own Tier 3 Datacentre equipped with fire suppression systems and stringent access control. We are audited bi-anually and we can provide sanitised reports on demand.

We Have Experience

We support various Delegated Proof-of-Stake and Masternode networks. These networks vary in size, functionality, scope and market.

We Can Help You

We provide infrastructure services to our partners, such as running full nodes for live and also test networks.

Network infrastructure works

Asset Management

We See Quality

We have a proven track record in identifying and investing in high quality blockchain projects.

We Can Guide You

We facilitate our customers’ entry and introduction into the world of cryptoassets in a secure and regulated environment.

We Can Make It Simple

We are currently establishing a range of funds to help customers benefit from the rapid growth of the cryptoassets class.

Network infrastructure works